Useful information for MUNers !

Are you interested in joining MUN, but feel confused? Or maybe you have some idea about Model United Nations but would like to know more? No worries! We have prepared a list of useful sourses that you can use to learn all you need to start and successfully continue your MUN journey!

CityU delegates during HKUST MUN conference in 2015

CityU MUN 2015 1st Forum

This is where the journey for CityU MUNers begins. Our experienced deligatesand committee members share insights and introduce Model United Nations. Slides from the introduction forum are available 

CityU MUN 2015 2nd Session

Second step in becoming a true MUNer is to know basic rules and procedures of Model United Nations. To learn more


Outside sourses 

Here are some other sourses, that we find the most useful in helping you to futher enrich your MUN knowledge and sharpen your skills!

What Model U.N. Is, and Why It Matters

Article by Spencer Mariotti published in Huffpost Teen gives us, among other things, more information on what MUN is all about and a more personal vision of its significance to the world 

Best delegate

Best delegate is an online sourse that provides all the up-to-date information, tips, news and other data that will allow you to stay on top of your game and truly become the best delegate!